Here at LovePlace, we’re all about building relationships, so we’ve designed a smart set of tools to help you promote your business. Classy, simple and easy to use, LovePlace is a great way to connect with your customers.

1. Add or Claim your Listing

Image isn’t everything, but it certainly helps. Upload photos, add links to your website and social media channels, set an address and hours of operation and list any other information that our visitors need to know.



2. Be Discovered

Once you’ve submitted your listing, it will be sent to our expert team for review and receive a badge marking it as official. Then our visitors can search for you directly, you’ll appear in our category pages, or you’ll be visible when visitors land on the pages of similar businesses.



3. Increase your earnings

Congratulations, you’ve been discovered by our visitors! Now it’s your job to make them happy and earn the positive reviews that will influence future LovePlace adventurers and help them make better spending decisions.


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